Von Farbe bis Emotion: 16 Lieblingsstücke neu gesehen

Take a quick and witty guided tour through the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart with Sara Dahme. In 16 short videos, she’ll explain highlights of the permanent exhibition, such as Barnett Newman's "Who's Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue II", Hans Memling's "Bathseba in the Bath" or Bruce Naumans "Welcome (Shaking Hands)".

Script, Cinematography, Editing & Grading

in collaboration with Valentin Hennig

The Straw that Broke

Science-Fiction feature film von Valentin Hennig

"The Straw that Broke" is about the odyssey of an exploited writer into her own story.

Color Grading

Das Hopfenjahr Panoramafilm

Hops and Beer Museum, Ciy of Spalt

The 180° panorama-film brings to life the annual cycle of hop growing, which lays out the rhythm and traditions of the city of Spalt. Wide and aerial shots fill the breadth of the panorama canvas, creating great contrast with the macro images of the hop umbels. Time-lapse sequences show in detail the growth of hop plants over the seasons. A
journey through the twelve months of hops production through a choreography with nature.


Directing, Cinematography & Editing  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh

AUTOWERK Portal zu Produktion

Fokus Mensch – Interactive Media Table

This part of the exhibition focuses on the human aspect. Through interaction, visitors may pick among a variety of working tools exhibited on an interactive surface. A company employee, displayed in real life dimension, tells the story behind the picked object, explaining its relevance in the automobile production path at the Volkswagen Group.

Cinematography, Editing & Color-Grading —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh

Werkspanorama Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter in Sindelfingen

Visitors immerse themselves in the world of Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen. The all-round view of the work is a special cinematic experience: you literally stand in the midst of the production process and can look over the shoulders of employees at work.

Editing & Color-Grading —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh

Lebenswege ins Ungewisse.
Eine Ausstellung zu Migration in Görlitz/Zgorzelec
von 1933 bis heute

An orchestrated media installation introduces ten exemplary biographies. The visitors listen about their personal experiences with migration and population change in the city of Goerlitz, while coming across with memorabilia and historical photographs. The protagonists were portrayed by three synchronously running cameras, allowing to create a three-dimensional representation of these persons in the exhibition space. All are "present" at the same time, a dialog takes place among them.

Cinematography & Editing  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh


Website Jan Peter Tripp

The artist Jan Peter Tripp thought he was going to be presented with an idea for his website. Instead he found himself on a film set, where he had to spontaneously explain why he rejects to publish his own website. The film ist reduction and authenticity, its format follows content.

Cinematography & Editing  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbhDDC Award “Gute Gestaltung 12”, Gold

Pioniere des Reisens

"Pioniere des Reisens" (Pioneers of Travel) pays homage to the publisher’s passion for travel and his pioneering work. The film takes the audience on a journey through the history of the MairDuMont company from its very beginnings, which still influences and inspires its corporate culture.


Directing, Cinematography & Editing  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh

Ihr und Wir — Integration der Heimatvertriebenen
in Baden-Württemberg
Time Witnesses Cinema

Testimonials by locals and displaced persons from first, second, and third generations describe how identities change through integration. Who is Swabian, from Baden or feels at home in Hohenzollern? Who is still displaced, who brings together several self-images?


Cinematography & Editing  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh



Porsche Themenarrengements

At the centre of the Porsche Museum exhibition, films in frameless super-wide format 32:9 bring the exhibited vehicles back to life by depicting the racing history of Porsche. The narratives are dedicated to legendary races like Targa Florio and Le Mans, to the era of 917 prototype racing cars, or to topics like engineering and motorsports


Cinematography, Editing & Color Grading  —  on behalf of jangled nerves gmbh

Maïmouna – La vie devant moi

Although female circumcision has been legally banned in Burkina Faso since 1996, many girls still undergo the painful and sometimes fatal operation. The young Maïmouna fights against this cruel tradition, working as "Animatrice" for the African NGO "Bangr Nooma". She travels by motorbike reaching remote villages in the savannah and tries to get into conversation with everyone - whether Christians, animists, fathers or the circumcisers themselves. With the help of plastic models, Maïmouna explains the consequences of genital mutilation, rebukes giggling men and openly reports her own experiences. Through the spirit and strength of Maïmouna, the film delivers a message of hope.

Preis für gesellschaftspolitische Filme der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Rheinland-Pfalz 2007